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Eva Thomkins with her husband André Thomkins
colour scheme of a factory building in Berlin-Neukölln, taken in 1984
cut-out 'Stilleben mit Gartenstrauß', 1983. Gouache on paper, 83 x 69 cm
Interieur mit blühender Linde, 1993. Oil on board, 85 x 75 cm
Herbstblumen mit Zitronengras, 1991. 85 x 75 cm
Herbstliches Stilleben, 1981. Oil on canvas, 101 x 79 cm
Zitronen und Melonen vor indischem Tuch, 1992. Oil on board, 75 x 85 cm
Stilleben mit japanischem Schirm, 1997. Oil on nettle, 100 x 80 cm
Eva Thomkins

 Artist Eva Schnell born on March 13 in Christanstadt on the Bober.

 Earns high school diploma in Breslau.

since 1940
 Attends Kunsthochschule für Kunsterziehung (the School for Artistic Training) in Berlin, where she takes painting lessons from Willi Jaeckel in still-life und portrait, drawing courses from Maillard and moulding from Hauschild. Simultaneously attends the Friedrich-Wilhelm University to pursue German Studies and Theater Sciences.

 Takes national exam for German Studies and Art Education.

 Resides in Dresden.
Under influence from Reinhold Langner creates wood engravings and (Holzreliefs).

 Relocates to Mönchengladbach-Rheydt. As an independent painter, the artist is mainly occupied with portraits and still-life paintings. Friendship with the circle of architects including Alfons Leitl und Franz Meunier. Participates in several group exhibits.

 Year of field experience concluding studies for a higher teaching position. Entrance into school service.

 First meeting with André Thomkins in Paris.

 Marries André Thomkins and gives birth to son Oliver.

 Birth of son Nicolas.

 Resides in Essen and teaches at the Victoria School.

 Birth of children Anselm, Jenison, Natalie.

since 1969
 Teaching duties in the field of textile design at the College of Education, later High School/University of Essen. Here, develops friendship with Martell Wiegand and later joins publication of the catalogue "Textilgestalten" Volume 1 and 2.

 Repeats stay in Italy and begins painting landscapes.

 Takes over a teaching contract at the University of Cologne.

 Relocation to Cologne. Since retirement, increasing occupation
with painting and participation in numerous group exhibits.

Solo Exhibits

 Ilverich Gallery, Düsseldorf.

 Adult Education Institute, Essen.